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Armstrong Marine - Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching

Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching
Armstrong Marine is a world leader in aluminum eco-tourism boat construction. We use cutting edge technologies and highly trained world class personnel to provide high quality vessels. We know each client needs efficiency, reliability, and comfort, and we're committed to providing just that without any compromises in the safety of the crew and passengers.

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Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching - Outboard Catamarans
When it comes to planing hull catamarans, Armstrong is simply the best. Designed with luxury indoor seating and heat, your passengers will ride in absolute comfort regardless of the elements....More Details »
Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching - Diesel I/O
In some instances, a diesel inboard-outboard configuration is the most desirable way to bring horsepower to the prop. When utilized with small to mid-sized cats or larger RIBS, inboard-outboard...More Details »
Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching - Diesel Jet/SD
When it comes to our mid-sized planing catamarans, diesel engines with jets or surface drives are the most reliable and long-lasting option. Armstrong has extensive experience with these...More Details »
Eco-Tourism & Whale Watching - Displacement Cats
When it comes to larger catamarans, Armstrong's displacement hull designs capitalize on efficiency and low maintenance. Both inside and out, these boats furnish comfort, safety and ease of...More Details »

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