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Fire Boats

Serious Vessels--Serious Jobs


RELIABLE- No surprises.  In emergency response situations, surprises mean danger.  You need a vessel that provides a sturdy platform in multiple sea states and equipment that is integrated into the boat for quick, dependable use. Armstrong fire boats are designed and built specifically for the job you do.


VERSATILE- No two emergencies are the same.  When you respond, you need a vessel that adapts to the situation as well as you do.  These boats give you maximum flexibility in the field to react in the capacity that is required.


TOUGH- Failure is not an option.  You train and prepare to respond quickly and assuredly.  The boat you choose needs to be strong enough to tackle the scenes you plunge into.  Armstrong hulls are fast and rugged so you can have the confidence to push the limits in times of need.

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Fire Boats - Monohull Fireboats
Rapid response time coupled with high maneuverability results in top quality fireboats to meet your needs in hard to access waterways
Fire Boats - Outboard Catamarans
The twin hull configuration results in a big boat feel and platform more stable than the monohull alternative. The walk around work deck comes standard with hydraulic bow ramp for beach access or...More Details »
Fire Boats - Diesel Jet Catamarans
Adding to the advantages of choosing a catamaran platform, diesel inboard engines paired to water jets combine speed with maneuverability to make the ultimate fire fighting vessels. Diesel engines...More Details »

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