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Our legacy of custom aluminum catamarans began in the 1990s and has evolved into a tradition of boats uniquely designed for adventure. We combine our multi-hull experience with the distinct requirements of each owner to construct a custom vessel tailored to perform its purpose. Join our heritage of innovation with a new Armstrong catamaran.
Features 2910-CTC FW 3212-CTC FW 3212-CTC WA 3513-CTC FW 3513-CTC WA
Length 29 ft 32 ft 32 ft 35 ft 35 ft
Beam 10 ft 12 ft 12 ft 13 ft 13 ft
Cabin Configuration Full Width Full Width Walk Around Full Width Walk Around
Max HP 2x 250 HP 2x 300 HP 2x 300 HP 2x 425 HP 2x 425 HP
Max Fuel Capacity 300 gal 300 gal 300 gal 400 gal 400 gal
Cockpit Size 2x 250 HP 2x 300 HP 2x 300 HP 2x 425 HP 2x 425 HP
Fish Hold Volume (per hold) 110 gal 180 gal 180 gal 190 gal 190 gal
Cabin Size 65 ft2 100 ft2 80 ft2 130 ft2 105 ft2
Sleeps 4 pax 6 pax 4 pax 6 pax 4 pax
Galley Length 4 ft 6 ft 6 ft 8 ft 8 ft
Cuddy Size 50 ft2 65 ft2 45 ft2 70 ft2 50 ft2
Split Cuddy (option)
Hot Water (option)
Shower (option)
Generator (option)
Hydronic Heat (option)
Second Monitor @ Helm (option)


Designed to be configured into a vessel unique to its owner’s preferences, the 2910-CTC is perfect for a fun and successful day on the water. Construct the vessel with twin fish storage lockers to provide ample room for a day’s catch, a fish cleaning station with gut chute and aluminum cutting surface, or an aluminum davit with winch to make hauling in crab pots a breeze. A heated full width cabin, complete with dinette, head, small galley, cushioned seating, and plenty of storage ensures this vessel is ready to make any day trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Length: 29’

Beam: 10’

Lightship: 9,000 lb

HP: 200hp - 250hp Outboards

Cruise: 30 kn

MPG: 1.5


Perfect for transporting ATVs, supplies, and various cargo, the 3012-CTC boasts a cozy aft set cabin alongside its spacious foredeck. A diesel stove hallmarks the galley, and a convertible dinette, pipe berth, and head provide comfortable accommodations for overnight trips. The small aft deck serves as a good fishing spot for one or two people, largely thanks to the extended T-transom between the outboards, downrigger pads, and a secondary helm station behind the house.

Length: 33’

Beam: 12’

Lightship: 10,000 lb

HP: Twin Yamaha 300hp Outboards

Cruise: 33 kn

MPG: 1.2


The 3212-CTC is the fisherman’s favorite of the Recreational Portfolio vessels, an inclination cemented by massive aft deck fish lockers, exterior accessible head, extended T-transom, and walk-around cabin. Add tackle storage and bait stations to guarantee that the tools for catching and cleaning are never far away. Also available with a full-width superstructure, configurations including split cuddy staterooms, full galley, and upgraded interior can turn this vessel from a fish-killing machine into the perfect getaway cruiser.

Length: 32’

Beam: 12’

Lightship: 11,000 lb

HP: 250hp - 300hp Outboards

Cruise: 30 kn

MPG: 1.4


Join the legacy with the pride of the Recreational Portfolio fleet, the 35’ x 13’ classic tunnel catamaran (CTC). Spruce up the base model by adding rod holders, downrigger pads, self-draining fish lockers, or removable dinghy davits. Pick the ideal appliances for the full-sized galley, enjoy an upgraded U-shaped dinette, or wake up refreshed with a hot water shower. Twin staterooms in the cuddy and a convertible berth ensure this vessel has ample sleeping and seating arrangements for any adventure. Fill out a “Custom Configuration” form today to see more options!

Length: 35’

Beam: 13’

Lightship: 14,000 lb

HP: 350hp - 425hp Outboards

Cruise: 25 kn

MPG: 1.0


This spacious and comfortable 47’ x 15’ high speed planning catamaran is just the ticket for overnight excursions. With sleeping accommodations for 7 (including 2 staterooms), a spacious galley with full size refrigerator, and a hot water shower in the head, guests will enjoy the comforts of home while out on the water. The raised pilot house with 360-degree visibility is perfect for finding the best places to fish, shrimp, and sightsee, while twin waterjets and a hydraulic forward bow door make reaching those locations fast and effortless.

Length: 47’

Beam: 15’

Lightship: 34,000 lb

HP: Twin Scania 13 750hp w/ Hamilton HJ364

Cruise: 35 kn

MPG: 0.7


This 28’ x 9’ Reverse Chine Monohull (RCM) sports two fish storage lockers with enough volume for an incredible haul, which when supplemented by aft station steering, two downrigger pads, and 15 rod holders, are sure to be full before the journey home. A heated forward leaning cabin complete with convertible dinette/bunk combo, removable pipe berth, and cushioned cuddy provide impressive overnight capabilities for a vessel this size, and in the morning a hot water shower and small galley guarantee the captain and his guests wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Length: 28’

Beam: 9’

Lightship: 8,000 lb

HP: Twin Yamaha 250hp Outboards

Cruise: 30 kn

MPG: 1.6

RHIB Tenders

Favoured by owners and captains alike, a Naiad tender is capable of handling harsh conditions yet sacrifices nothing in terms of style, comfort and quality. Every yacht tender we design is customised. Finished to the highest standards they can include teak decks, luxury upholstery, gleaming stainless fittings, even full parasailing kits, making these boats very much at home on the most elegant superyacht. Ranging from 5.8m to 14m, you can also select from a wide choice of engine and propulsion options. From a simple, single outboard all the way through to twin diesel jets. In fact, some of our smaller boats can even be fitted with diesel jets. No wonder the fleet of Naiad superyacht tenders is growing fast, all over the world!


  • Open Boats: 5.8M - 14M (19' - 46')
  • Full Cabin: 10M -14M (32' - 46')


  • Outboard - Single / Twin / Triple
  • Diesel Jet - Single / Twin
  • Diesel Shaft - Single / Twin

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