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Armstrong Marine has been actively building marine survey boats for the past two decades. Having produced many research vessels of various sizes and capabilities, our trend has been one of continuous innovation and improvement. As a result, Armstrong Marine USA Inc. has achieved distinction in the tight-knit hydrographic community. Our builds reflect thoughtfulness and care in listening to the needs of our clients. Armstrong Marine is committed to producing the highest quality and most cost effective boats of the marine science industry.

2409-CTC | ROSS

Armstrong Marine has partnered with Ross Laboratories to provide a “turnkey” shallow water survey system. The system utilizes six transducers: two mounted on the hull and two more on each of the 10’ cabin-integrated arms. The arms are deployed hydraulically from controls mounted at the helm station, yielding a 25’ swath of survey data collection capability.

Length: 24’

Beam: 8’ 6"

Lightship: 9,000 lb

HP: Twin Honda 150hp Outboards

Cruise: 25 kn

MPG: 1.6


Designed with utility in mind, this 24’ research vessel sports heavy duty engine guards, roof mounted davit, four-point lifting eyes, D-rubber rub strakes, and extended push knees. The hallmark of this vessel however is the Armstrong Marine HYPR arm mounted on the bow, from which a sonar head can be effortlessly lowered into the water from the comfort of a climate-controlled cabin.

Length: 24’

Beam: 8' 6"

Lightship: 9,000 lb

HP: Twin Honda 200hp Outboards

Cruise: 27 kn

MPG: 1.6


Small enough to be highly maneuverable, yet large enough to accommodate your team and equipment, the 2911-CTC is an ideal vessel for surveying in near shore situations. Outfitted with a davit, engine guards, and stern mounted A-frame, cargo can be deployed and retrieved through either the port side boarding door or the walk-through T-transom. Ergonomic workstations and an onboard head inside the cabin keep scientists comfortable, as racks hold sensitive gear secured and stable.

Length: 29’

Beam: 11’

Lightship: 10,000 lb

HP: Twin Yamaha 300hp Outboards

Cruise: 30 kn

MPG: 1.3


Diesel propelled catamarans offer ample torque and horsepower, enabling scientists to accomplish crucial survey tasks efficiently and accurately. The engines of these vessels provide cabin heat and power take-off for hydraulics.


When retrieving samples or gear from the water, sterndrives are excellent at staying out of the way. Combined with a swim step and an A-frame mounted on the transom, scientists can work alongside their payload without fear of colliding with an outboard’s upper unit. A “moon pool” on the aft deck of this 32’ vessel allows survey equipment to be lowered into the isolated water between the catamaran’s twin hulls, providing accurate readings and measurements. Inside the cabin, a head, small galley, workstations, and berths for two enable longer trips at sea, and less time away from the survey zone.

Length: 32’

Beam: 11’

Lightship: 14,000 lb

HP: Twin Volvo D4 225hp I/Os

Cruise: 32 kn

MPG: 1.0


A versatile craft, this 40’ monohull is designed for the deployment and retrieval of fishing and oceanographic sampling gear. The cockpit includes a second station helm, davit, and is large enough to accommodate multiple hands on deck, perfect for groups of students. Inside the cabin, aft facing workstations give researchers a clear view, especially of operations at the full width A-frame. A large galley complete with fridge, freezer, cooktop, and microwave keep passengers and crew happy, while an onboard head and multiple berths in the cuddy ensure overnight trips are both comfortable and successful.

Length: 40’

Beam: 13’

Lightship: 21,000 lb

HP: Twin Volvo D6 330hp I/Os

Cruise: 26 kn

MPG: 1.3


Sporting a pair of cutting-edge Volvo IPS drives, Armstrong Marine’s 4216-CTC was honored as one of International WorkBoat’s 10 Significant Boats of 2019. Ideal for a wide range of scientific activities, educational research, and instrument development, this vessel boasts a 5000lb A-frame for lifting and towing, an articulating knuckle crane for starboard-side instrument deployment and recovery, and engineered deck sockets for securing portable equipment. A dynamic positioning system (DPS) automatically maintains heading and position, even in strong currents and windy conditions. These capabilities enable the precise control required for remotely operated vehicles, CTD casts, mooring deployments, and other operations.

Length: 42’

Beam: 16’

Lightship: 30,000 lb

HP: Twin Volvo D11 510hp IPS-650

Cruise: 30 kn

MPG: 0.8


This 48’ displacement catamaran is perfect for when loading capacity is paramount to speed. A walk-around cabin allows seamless transitions between the aft and fore decks, where a full-width A-frame mounted on the transom and an Armstrong Marine HYPR arm on the bow provide streamlined deployment and recovery of scientific equipment. Inside, multiple workstations and amenities, including a full galley and head, support research personnel.

Length: 48’

Beam: 18’

Lightship: 44,000 lb

HP: Twin Cummins 6.7 380hp S&W

Cruise: 17 kn

MPG: 0.9

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